Malva y asfódelo. 2020

Gabinete de dibujos is an art gallery dedicated to contemporary drawing, understood in a very broad sense and without complexes, which does not want to limit itself to paper support or deny colour; which understands drawing as a powerful tool for reflection, with immediacy possibility and basic for composition and image shaping. 

As a gallery, the Gabinete de dibujos aspires to be an amplifier of the ideas of its artists and a disseminator of their work. 

Now it has nine collaborating artists: Ernesto Casero, Manuel Antonio Domínguez, ESCIF, Susanna Inglada, Roberto Mollá, Felipe Ortega Regalado, America Sanchez, Santiago Talavera y Nieves Torralba.

It is located in Valencia since 2020. It has a closed inner space and an open exterior one or atrium that connects the intervention of each artist with the street and urban life.

One of its values is the staging of each exhibition, very carefully studied and respectful with the work and the artist; and the presentation and conservation care of each piece, supported by the professional framing studio GRIS

Gabinete de dibujos is part of the Consorcio de Galerías de Arte Contemporáneo and LAVAC. Since its inauguration, it has maintained a programme of four/five exhibitions a year and has participated in Drawing Room Madrid 2022 y UVNT’23

In 2021 it was awarded the Prize for the Best Exhibition of the Abierto Valencia by the Generalitat Valenciana, with Santiago Talavera’s exhibition “El pasado habrá sido un planeta extraño”.